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Topgrade College is a private secondary school located in Umunede, Delta State, Nigeria. It was founded by Mr Mathew Omueguchulam in the year 2000.

The school was founded to imbibe knowledge, discipline, respect and self awareness in every young generation.

The school is a government licensed school with the authority to operate in both the junior secondary and senior secondary level.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the school is

  • To provide qualitative education for the total child regardless of their class or background.
  • To produce students who are morally and intellectually sound to become the leaders of tomorrow
  • To provide knowledge and skills that will equip students to live effectively in our modern age of science and technology.
  • To expose our students to their immediate environment through excursions to various companies, tourist centres and other places of historical importance.
  • To develop the personality, character and interest of all students so that their responsibility and usefulness as citizens are enhanced.
  • To provide high quality instruction for all its students.
  • To provide the students with appropriate skills, abilities and competence both mental and physical for maximum self actualization.
  • To provide guidance and counseling to students to help them select career choices based on areas of interest and talent.
  • To raise a generation of honest, principled, broadminded Nigerians who can think for themselves and respect the views and feelings of others.
  • To involve our students in co-operative activities thereby creating opportunity for leadership roles to be identified and encouraged.
  • To produce individuals who will contribute meaningfully towards the development of our rich cultural heritage, art and language.
  • To help our students develop competitive spirit by training them to be good sportsmen and women through the provision of adequate sports facilities.